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Last Updated - 09/05/2022

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Updated 09/05/2022

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Professional addiction treatment helps a person end substance use safely, learn strategies to stay sober and discover healthy ways to cope with cravings and difficult situations. However, the healing process doesn’t end with the rehab stay. The days that follow rehab completion can be difficult to navigate, which is why aftercare programs are so important for maintaining long-term recovery.

All of our rehab programs include alumni services and aftercare planning that can be used after the initial treatment. Many of our alumni clients rely on these resources to stay committed to recovery, avoid relapse and continue the lifelong healing process. Without adequate support after rehab, it can be easy for people to return to the same habits and behaviors that led them to rehab in the first place. With aftercare, alumni support and other resources, however, the recovery journey can be much easier to travel.

Aftercare Planning

Individualized aftercare planning is part of every treatment program at The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake. A few things included in aftercare planning are:

  • Referrals to therapy providers to help with continued healing
  • Access to local support groups
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Routine check-ins and follow-up appointments
  • Alumni events, educational resources and support services
  • Maintenance medications, if necessary
  • Access to trustworthy sober living homes

These resources help clients transition back to their day-to-day life after completing rehab. The period of early recovery can feel overwhelming, but aftercare allows a person to practice their sobriety strategies with the safety net of on-demand alumni support.

Sober Living Accommodations

In some cases, returning home means facing a variety of challenging triggers, such as the substance use of family members or abusive relationships. Instead of returning home, clients in these situations may move to a sober living environment while they work on strengthening their recovery.

Alumni Access

Some resources at The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake are only available to those who have completed treatment in one of our rehab programs. These apps, portals and services are designed with alumni in mind, and they help continue the long-term recovery journey. Additionally, alumni can take advantage of career and financial advising tools, events, social media groups, routine phone check-ins and more.

Alumni can register with our patient portal after treatment and access helpful clinical videos, guided yoga programs, online journaling tools, educational video content and many other resources that help support mental and physical wellbeing.

Telehealth App and Recovery Meeting Rooms

Each treatment plan includes the Weekly Recovery Compass Program, a tool used to track clients’ progress throughout their rehab stay and beyond. This allows addiction experts to adjust treatment to help clients accomplish their recovery goals.

With our new telehealth app, current patients and alumni can access life-changing therapy and support from the comfort of home. All someone needs is a smartphone, tablet or laptop to connect to the app, find a mental health professional and continue the healing process after rehab ends.

We also provide online recovery meeting rooms that are available to the public at no cost. Connecting with supportive loved ones, friends, family and similar groups is essential in recovery, and we want to be sure people can stay in touch in a safe, confidential setting.

Video Resources and Webinars

On our official YouTube channel, we host educational videos that cover a wide variety of addiction-related topics. Content ranges from client testimonials and facility walkthroughs to drug facts, addiction myths, workshop recordings and more. We also host similar video resources on our website.

In addition to video content, we routinely host webinars led by medical professionals, mental health workers, scientists and other addiction experts. These experts cover topics like the effects of trauma, the role of family in addiction, types of treatment and much more. Visit our webinar page to see archived recordings of our past presentations.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, help is available at The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake. Contact us today to learn more about the different treatment plans and recovery programs that can work well for your situation.


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