Marijuana Treatment & Rehab in Colorado

Colorado is a state that’s in a unique situation in terms of marijuana. Voters decided to legalize the drug, and it has led to a boom in the industry in areas like Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs. There’s also been a boost in marijuana-related tourism as a result, but opponents of the decision worry about the consequences the legalization of marijuana has had on Colorado.

For example, people who were against the decision say it’s led to an increase in traffic accidents and visits to the emergency room.

Regardless of your point of view when it comes to marijuana in Colorado, some people feel they have a personal problem with the drug. There’s unfortunately often a misconception that because marijuana is legal in Colorado, you can’t become addicted or that abusing the drug isn’t harmful, but people find out this isn’t the case.

Marijuana can be habit-forming as with any other substance, and in some cases, it may be necessary for someone who feels like their use has gotten out of control to seek marijuana addiction treatment and rehab.

Marijuana Treatment in Colorado

Marijuana is used recreationally and medicinally by a significant number of people, so much like alcohol, it can be difficult to discern whether or not you have a problem with the drug. People may think they’re just using it to relax or enjoy themselves, but they don’t realize that their use could significant a substance abuse problem. There’s also the misconception that you can’t become addicted to marijuana, and while the physical dependence may be less than what occurs with other drugs, an emotional and mental addiction is certainly possible.

If you’re someone who feels like the thought of weed always preoccupies you, or you feel like you don’t have control over your use of it, you may be addicted. People who don’t feel like themselves without smoking, for example they might feel irritable when they don’t smoke week, may also have a problem.

These are all scenarios where treatment for marijuana addiction might be appropriate.

With marijuana, there is also the fact that it tends to be frequently used as a way for people to self-medicate. This means that people who use marijuana regularly and habitually may actually be trying to mask the symptoms of an underlying mental disorder, such as anxiety or depression, and this needs to be addressed during treatment for marijuana addiction.

Another issue that’s particularly relevant with marijuana is that people who abuse it or are addicted to it may have a polydrug substance use disorder. This means that they may abuse other substances as well, such as alcohol or benzodiazepines.

It’s important that if you feel you have a problem with marijuana, even if you’re in Colorado and it’s legal, that you seek out marijuana addiction treatment options. Left untreated a marijuana abuse problem can result in relationship issues and financial and legal problems.

You may be wondering how to treat marijuana addiction, and at a treatment center like The Recovery Village at Palmer Like, we treat it in a way that’s similar to other addictions. It’s not uncommon to explore marijuana addiction treatment options. According to the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration, marijuana was the primary drug abused in around 15 percent of all admissions to rehab and drug treatment facilities in the U.S.

Much of how to treat marijuana addiction is based on taking a holistic approach to the patient. Their entire history with not only marijuana but also other drugs and mental health issues is looked at, and an individualized treatment plan is developed.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Marijuana Rehab in Colorado

There are some different options if you want to go to rehab for marijuana addiction. First, you can do a complete, intensive residential rehab program. During this, you may go through a detox phase to rid your body of all of the THC that’s accumulated in your system and any other drugs that may be present. Once that happens your treatment team can begin working on an individualized plan that will likely include psychotherapy and behavioral therapy, as well as support work at the individual and group levels.

You’ll learn things such as how to cope with stress in healthy ways instead of returning to weed as a crutch and coping mechanism.

If you have underlying mental health issues or polydrug abuse, that will be treated as well.

Another option for people who are seeking rehab for marijuana is to do an outpatient program. Since addiction to marijuana tends to be less severe than some other addictions, this type of program may work well, and it allows you to continue living your daily life while participating in various types of therapy and counseling.

There’s no one program that’s going to be right for every person seeking rehab for marijuana. Instead, it’s based on the specific patient, their needs, their level of abuse and other factors.

Marijuana Addiction Treatment Centers

There are marijuana addiction treatment centers located in Colorado, including The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake. We serve the needs of people throughout Colorado including Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs, as well as people from around the country.

Marijuana addiction treatment centers often focus programs on helping people avoid or deal with the triggers in their life that lead to their use of the drug, and with marijuana rehab, in particular, there’s also a lot of emphasis on teaching lifestyle skills.

The people who go to marijuana addiction treatment centers are often long-term users of the drug who have tried many times to quit and been unsuccessful. They may also have problems meeting responsibilities, so the daily structure of rehab for marijuana can greatly benefit them.

Does Insurance Cover Marijuana Rehab?

First and foremost, it’s important for people to realize that marijuana can lead to addiction, but there are treatment options in Colorado, and nationwide that can help you stop using the drug, deal with underlying issues that might have contributed to your drug abuse, and transition back to your life in a healthy, functioning way.

Regarding paying for marijuana rehab, in many cases insurance does cover the costs.

You can contact one of our Palmer Lake intake coordinators who can talk to you more about the program that might be best suited for you, and also help you handle insurance approvals or find alternate financing options.

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