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Updated 04/06/2023

Marijuana use is more common than ever, particularly with its legalization in Colorado and many other states. As use of this drug increases, more people are coming to understand that it can become addictive, just like any other substance. Treatment for marijuana addiction can help people regain a sense of control and feel empowered to live a satisfying life without marijuana.

Is Rehab Necessary for Marijuana Addiction?

Marijuana addiction is sometimes minimized compared to other addictions. However, marijuana addiction can be detrimental to the mind and body, particularly when other risk factors are present. Studies have shown that three in ten people who use marijuana have marijuana use disorder; this number is higher in people who start using before age 18.

People who struggle with addiction to marijuana can seek treatment in a number of ways, and rehabilitation can be a highly effective recovery method. Marijuana addiction treatment is often successful, particularly when co-occurring conditions are also treated using cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement therapy and contingency management. In an evidence-based, comprehensive addiction treatment program, treatment is tailored around the needs of the individual for long-term recovery.

Signs of Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana addiction often sneaks up on people. What starts out as casual recreational use can turn into addiction relatively fast. Treatment may be necessary for marijuana use if:

  • Using marijuana becomes a primary focus in life
  • Your usage and amount of marijuana increases to get the same results
  • Mood changes and irritability occur when you are not using marijuana
  • Physical and psychological changes occur as a result of use, causing problems in your life
  • Marijuana use is negatively impacting your life (relationships, employment, school or other situations)

Marijuana Addiction Treatment Options

Treatment for marijuana addiction is an important step in the recovery process. Regular support at the beginning of your recovery is key for determining the triggers for use, alternative ways to cope with cravings and managing social pressures. A clinical assessment is often a good place to start, and this can help you make an informed decision about what is best for your situation.

Inpatient Marijuana Rehab

At a well-structured, supportive rehab facility such as The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake, people with marijuana addiction get comprehensive treatment in an environment that is safe and removes the barriers to recovery. Inpatient, or residential care, is unique at The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake, as it offers more comfortable accommodations than a hospital stay.

Recovery from marijuana addiction can be difficult, so our team’s commitment to exceptional care is a priority. The treatment team for inpatient care will provide a comprehensive assessment of your needs and work with you to establish an evidence-based treatment plan. During your residential inpatient stay, trained staff and health care providers will monitor your physical and emotional health while you participate in counseling, group work and medical appointments.

There are also many enjoyable activities to help you build skills for recovery. Hiking, yoga, drama therapy, volleyball and a heated swimming pool are just a few of the holistic amenities available to people who opt for inpatient care at The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake.

Outpatient Marijuana Rehab

Opting for outpatient care for marijuana rehab allows people greater freedom while maintaining access to the vital aspects of inpatient care. Evidence-based treatment models aid recovery and foster a safe and healthy lifestyle without substance use. Individual and group work are important components of outpatient care, and your treatment team will continue to assess your recovery throughout the process. When treatment is complete, TRV works with you to develop an aftercare plan for relapse prevention, identify resources and create a path back to sobriety if you experience a slip.

Does Insurance Cover Marijuana Addiction Treatment and Rehab?

Most major insurance companies cover substance use treatment as part of the coverage mandated by the Affordable Care Act. Insurance companies may reserve the right to cover treatment based on medical necessity, which means certain aspects of treatment or additional amenities may not be covered, depending on your specific policy type. The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake can help you determine your level of coverage and the potential out-of-pocket costs you may incur during treatment. Often a call to your insurance company can help answer any specific questions about coverage, or visit your insurance company’s website to review your plan details.

Marijuana Rehab Centers in Colorado

There are marijuana addiction treatment centers located in Colorado, including The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake. Our facility serves the needs of people throughout Colorado, including Denver, Boulder and Colorado Springs, as well as people from around the country.

Marijuana rehab centers like The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake focus on helping people cope with triggers in daily life that lead to their drug use. Treatment also involves teaching lifestyle skills for sober living and managing stress. The people who go to marijuana addiction treatment centers are often long-term users who have tried many times to quit.

People who opt for inpatient care often gradually step down to intensive outpatient care, which entails day programming at the facility and leaving campus at the end of the day. The next transition is often outpatient care — only returning to campus for individual or group sessions and medical appointments.

The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake is an accredited facility that offers comprehensive and compassionate care. Our licensed addiction experts pride themselves on helping people build a treatment plan that meets their individual needs.

If you or a loved one is struggling with marijuana use, reach out to The Recovery Village at Palmer Lake today to see how our trained professionals can support you and help you on your journey to a healthy lifestyle.


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